Provider FAQ

Question: Does Well100 provide primary care, home care, specialist or other post-acute care services?

Answer: No Well100 does not provide primary care, home care, hospice or other post-acute care services?  Well100 helps clients and patients find resources and referrals they need to help better coordinate their health and care.

Question: How do patients engage your services?

Answer: Members and clients engage our services directly and also through providers such as yourself.   Providers can work directly with Well100 to supplement their health education, coaching and patient management efforts.

Question: Are all community providers able to be affiliated with Well100?

Answer: Yes, See question below for what it means to be a Well100 Affiliate provider.

Question: What does it mean to be a Well100 Affiliate provider?

Answer: Being an Affiliated provider simply means you have registered with Well100 as a "provider of choice" for Well100 members.  There are three basic types of registration; all are no charge affiliations but we do build in differences to account for different types of providers.

  • General Registration - Good for referring physicians such as Primary Care, Internist, Specialty Practices just looking to refer a patient for general community health information.    There is no cost for this registration and your practice name and location become part of Well100 community provider affiliation directory

  • Integrated Provider Registration - Integrated medicine providers that specialize in holistic wellness medicine emphasizing the therapeutic relationship between provider and patient

  • Acute and Post-Acute Registration - Reserved for acute care hospitals and post-acute care providers like hospitals, home health, hospice, ALF, SNF, short term rehab centers etc... that patients are referred to for acute or specialized post-acute care

Well100 strives to build a robust and complete provider referral network that we use for outbound referrals and look towards our affiliated providers for inbound referrals for patients needing holistic wellness services to include personal wellness, fitness and nutrition coaching.

Question: Is there any other criteria to be affiliated such as provider performance and quality standards?

Answer: Yes, all providers must meet continual and rigorous quality standards.   Because CMS quality standards can be old, Well100 continually works to secure provider performance data from both government sources but also actual consumer reviews and complaints.   We do this to ensure our clients receive the best quality care, to ensure referring providers have confidence in our non-biased, quality based referral approach and to help improve overall health outcomes for all providers.

Question: I am a provider in your affiliated network, will bad reviews or a single review drop me from your community network?

Answer: No, one single review or reporting cycle will not drop you from the network.  We benchmark performance against time, repeated CMS reporting cycles and verified consumer reviews.

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