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Question: I am not a member of gym, how does Well100 provide its fitness training service?

Answer: Well100 brings the Fitness to YOU.  We believe in Activity based fitness because research shows exercise attached to activities transforms lives beyond fads or short term results.  Our instructors are equipped with state of art, mobile equipment to provide fitness anywhere.  We perform all our group fitness activities in public venues throughout the community.

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Question: I just received a referral to a Specialist from my doctor, is it too late to engage Well100 for an opinion and guidance

Answer: No, you can engage Well100 at any point in your healing process.  Well100 can help!

Question: What does Well100 cost?

Answer: For basic community health navigation Well100 is a free service provided to all those needing help navigating community healthcare options.   Well100 does provide healthcare coaching, fitness and nutrition services for a monthly subscription fee.  See our Active Fitness, Healthcare Advocacy and Nutritional Services.

Question: I am not chronically ill but need help developing a health and nutrition plan, can Well100 help me?

Answer: Yes, Well100 provides Certified Health Coaching which includes developing exercise and nutrition plans for our members.

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Question: We have medicare or commercial insurance, why should I use Well100 to help?

Answer: Often times provider referrals and care plans provide incomplete and confusing healthcare information.  We can help you understand your coverage and community options.

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Question: Will you communicate with my physician?

Answer: Yes, with proper permission our Social Workers and Certified Health Coaches can communicate with your provider.

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Question: What is a Certified Health Coach?

Answer: A Certified Health Coach is a Health Coach certified by a NCCA, AFPA or NCHEC Accreditation Program.   They provide health, physical and nutrition coaching services to those looking to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

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