Success Stories

Large consulting services are expensive, have very little at stake in a customer's success or failure and often times lack industry depth.  Engaging CareCentricity is a win win.  Our rates are 30% - 50% cheaper, we create risk bearing arrangements aligning your success with our success and only employ Managing Partners with 15+ years of industry experience.

 A large insurance company had spent six months and over a million dollars with a big brand name consulting firm creating a business strategy and aligning their leadership. They ended up with a 300 page binder that sat on a shelf, an executive team that was disappointed with one another and nothing was implemented. When we got the call, we helped the leadership create alignment around where they were going and the capabilities the organization would need to get there. We then helped them build a prioritized roadmap of investments, projects, and resources required and clarified the roles each leader would play in delivering the business objectives. Binders have a 60 second shelf life, we got leaders aligned around a plan they implemented!

After building a $125 million 5-year investment roadmap for a client, the CFO pulled us aside and asked, “How do we really know, I mean seriously measure the impact of a $125 million investment in our business?”. A year later the answer was clear as the investments were aligned to specific capabilities required to drive strategic objectives. They turned around the P&L, gained lost share and invigorated the organization. Tangible results!

The IT function of a regional healthcare organization was considered ‘overhead’ in an industry where technology needed to be a differentiator. We were called in to help the function align their structure around the services they needed to deliver to drive the organization’s business strategy. We met with leadership and created alignment around what was working and what needed improvement. We helped them truly understand their customers and align their investments, structure and talent to bridge the gaps in service and customer interaction. The result was a CIO who played a new strategic role on the leadership team.

A large regional company called on us to help equip their leaders with skills around resilience and change as they reached a tipping point caused by acquisition growth. They had just completed their third acquisition, processes were a not standardized, people didn’t know who was accountable for what and there was no alignment around what the new company wanted to be. Constant conflict resulted from a strong identification with legacy organizations and poor integration of the acquired companies. LeaderShift Insights® created a 3-part customized leadership development experience that equipped leaders with adaptive leadership and change management skills, and used real internal challenges as cases that they worked together in the room. Not only did the leaders gain new skills and tools that will be used long after the program, they began to solve their most vexing problems while in the workshop. We build skills and began to solve real problems!

A regional health insurance company in the Florida was faced with decreasing membership, dated member engagement models and no clear digital strategy.   Carecentricity was asked to chart the member journey from service discovery to enrollment.   Through a comprehensive Journey Mapping engagement, the company created a member experience road map creating differentiated touch points across the member journey.  On the eve of competing with new insurance exchanges and bigger players in the field like Florida Blue, they were able to secure and grow market share throughout the region.

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