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Strategic Vendor Management

The healthcare industry is quickly becoming the land of uncertainty with rapidly changing regulatory requirements and a sea of new companies promising innovative solutions.   The result is a heavily oversold industry the is slow to trust the emerging marketplace.  This cautiousness is well deserved as solutions are always easy to sell but rarely succeed in the healthcare industry.   To say healthcare is complex is an understatement times 10.  Mix consumers, government, personal finances, health conditions and innovation and you get what we have in the US healthcare system, 10 new healthcare apps hit the Appstore every single day.   How can healthcare providers reconcile who or what technology or solution they should engage?  The answer, let our unique, tested and proven sourcing strategies not only tell you where to focus but what vendors have the ability to help you succeed.

LeaderShift insights

LeaderShift® Insights, Inc. is a consulting firm with deep expertise optimizing corporate performance through leadership and organization alignment at some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. We provide expertise aligning and developing organizations and leaders at all levels, identifying and driving the capabilities need to drive strategy, enabling sustainable change and developing talent to drive breakthrough results.

Turning Point Health

TurningPoint has developed an innovative and unique set of services and capabilities that enables us to work collaboratively with physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, and implantable device manufactures to better manage healthcare costs and quality than traditional utilization management companies. The foundation of TurningPoint is built on an industry leading clinical staff and executives. We manage nearly a billion dollars of surgical procedure charges annually with proven and effective results. The results of our programs consistently demonstrate meaningful reductions in the cost of care and help to improve patient safety and quality. The average ROI is 12. 5 to 1 with an 19.8% change in behaviors of providers. This translates to a 13.94% reduction in cost for spine cases ($4,468 savigs per case) and a 20.6% reduction in cost for orthopedic cases ($6.071 savings per case).

Trinity Pharmaco
HN1 Therapy Networks

Therapy Network (TN) has rapidly emerged as one of the largest and most comprehensive specialty provider delivery systems in the country. The company and its affiliates maintain contracts with over 6,000 providers in several states, covering certain single specialty medical networks, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Currently, there are more than 3,200,000 members accessing TN’s contracted providers for medical services through our numerous agreements with some of the country’s largest Health Plans.

Transparent Borders

Transparent Borders® LLC serves clients with our team of seasoned international insurance, development, and training specialists. We believe it is not only possible but crucial to blend public and private sector health and well-being initiatives, creating a sustainable approach that better benefits employees and employers alike. When financial resources are scarce, it's even more imperative that the programs an employer puts in place to manage local employee health and well-being actually resonate with the employees at each location. When those programs don't resonate well, we can help identify the specific barriers and suggest solutions and training programs to help drive change. We are confident that our unique skill sets, interests, and experiences leave us poised to help clients effectively, efficiently manage this process.

Trinity-Pharmaco Solutions has leveraged access to an advanced biologic single application FDA 510k cleared extracellular matrix in order to revolutionize the world of wound care within the managed care environment.  TPS works with payors to create condition-based bundle payment arrangements designed to drastically reduce the cost of healing diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers and hospital acquired pressure ulcers; thus changing the way that wound care is delivered. TPS provide patients with access to a higher standard of care at cost levels well below that of routine wound care, creating a true win-win rarely seen in modern managed care.

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